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Powered Access

Pride of offering one of the best services throughout the region and have a comprehensive selection of powered access equipment. We provide multiple solutions from scissor lifts, boom lifts or cherry pickers, material lifts, Genie lifts, personnel lifts and platforms.

General Questions

DS will help you answer your questions in relation to powered access machinery. Contact us for additional information.

Yes you can, we will send out our engineer to inspect and gauge the type of machine required to carry out the job. This is free and you are under no obligation.
Machine prices are calculated on an ad hoc basis for a quote please phone (01229) 833133.
You can hire a machine to suit your needs, from one day to a year the choice is yours. We mostly work on a hire periods of the following:
  • 1-3 day rate ..
  • Weekly rate ..
  • Monthly ..
  • Annually – Long term hire contracts are welcome, please contact (01229) 833133 to discuss your needs.
Nothing is set in stone, please feel free to discuss your requirements with us.

All platforms come with a specified lift capacity. EG, 19’ Electric Scissor, lift capacity of 227kg, this works on the principle of 2 average weight people (weighing 90kgs each) with a 47kg capacity of tools or materials. DS Site Services / DS Plant Hire accept no liability for the inability to complete jobs by the hirer overloading the platform / basket being loaded above this level.

It should be noted that machines are designed as platforms for people to work at height with light loads and should, under no circumstances be used as material hoists. Any infringement of this will be placing the machine out of it’s designed parameters and could potentially lead to machine damage, danger to personnel using the lift and anyone in the proximity of the machine. Should such an incident occur the machine will be confiscated and action will be taken against the hirer. For an explanation of issues concerning proper / improper usage of platforms please go to https://www.ipaf.org/en/faqs

Machine specs are available please do not hesitate to contact the office on (01229) 833133 if you have any queries.

Currently not unless you are a main contractor.

Powered Access